Cees Lodder, specialized in Chinese works of art

Cees Lodder built up an interesting career. From a young age he focussed on Chinese antiques. He studied the Chinese language in the eighties, which knowledge became indispensable for the rest of his career in the world of Chinese antiques . Because of the advantage of speaking the Chinese language, it was more easy to work and meet with well known scholars, dealers and collectors all over the world and in particular China.


In 2002 he decided to make a move to Beijing to open a gallery in the "Beijing Gu Wan Cheng" building. At that time China was an upcoming market and Cees became the first official foreign Chinese art dealer in Beijing. In 2007 moved back to the Netherlands and soon after opened a gallery in Brussels.


After working for many years with a gallery, he decided to make a career change and from January 2019 he works fulltime as a Chinese art consultant . Specialized in ceramics , works of art ,Chinese furniture and in particular scholar objects he is helping collectors to find objects and advising new collectors in the field of Chinese antiques. Cees is also working as an intermediate to help selling your objects.


If you have interest in buying or selling your Chinese or Asian antique object(s) you're welcome to contact us .